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Concept Mill

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Concept Mill

Whether for formal education, in-house training or small business the CONCEPT MILL series can be used very flexibly: thanks to its moduler design it can be connected to a CIM network and equipped with training software and courseware- it can be applied for training purposes, as well.

Concept MIll 55

Compact CNC desktop Milling machine High-resolution axis motors Automatic 8 station tool turret Infinitely adjustable main drive Engraving Spindle Facility NC dividing unit as an optional fourth


Compact desktop CNC milling machine High-resolution axis motors Steplessly adjustable main drive High-quality industrial components Engraving device NC sub-unit as an optional fourth axis Roboti


Tool holder SK30 - DIN69871 Up to 5 CNC controls can be used on one machine 20-fold tool drum with double gripper Servo drive technology on all axes Round table as optional fourth axis Robotics i

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