Venture is the sole representative of EMCO group for its EDUCATIONAL products in india.


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Venture is the sole representative of EMCO group for its EDUCATIONAL products in india. The Company “EMCO Group” -Europe’s largest manufacturing company manufacturing machine tool for Industrial Educational & Industrial products. With the status of its partner “EMCO Group” Venture Enterprises becomes one of leading provider of innovative high-tech machine tools for the Education and Metal-cutting industry in india. The product range is unique in Europe: CNC turning center, CNC milling centers, Vertical Turning Machines, Universal CNC Turning machines, Cycle controlled machines, conventional turning machines, conventional milling machines and machines for CNC training.

Our Motto To provide machines which do not simply do everything, but do everything simply. Machines which as simple tool can carry out the most complex functions.Machines whose only task is to perfectly fulfill their goals.Our company and its success is based on this idea. The Commitments EMCO being full-line-supplier in fields of metal cutting industry and industrial training persecutes a business strategy consisting of two columns. These are "EMCO Industry" and "EMCO Industrial Training“. All EMCO products are developed and produced strongly according to its two commitments "Made in the Heart of Europe“ and "Design to Cost“.

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A new Technical Education System was envisioned by the Founder the late Sh. VEDPRAKASH SHARMA.
An Olympian Select in April of 1947 Indian Hockey Team, found himself on a footpath in New Delhi on the morning of 15th August 1947. Struggled his way through the years to find a vision to change the educational system of this country.
The same vision is continued with the efforts of Sunil VEDPRAKASH Sharma. He has got latest technologies from Europe & other parts of the world which have made changes to the way CNC & Automation, Automobile advanced education is imparted to students. Currently thousands of students pass out using these equipment from various institutes where VENTURE equipment are installed.

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Sunil Vedprakash Sharma
Rajendra Nayak
CNC Trainer
Nilesh Misal
Accounts Manager
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